Write a similarity statement and give the scale factor

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Finding Missing Sides of Similar Triangles

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Ratios and proportions and how to solve them

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Determine if the polygons are similar. If they are, write a similarity statement and give the scale factor. If they are not similar, state the reason why. Geometry Final Exam Study Guide Name _____ Date _____ Block_____ The final exam for Geometry will take place on May 31 and June 1.

Write the converse of the statement b) Write the inverse of the statement c) Write the contrapositive of the statement 3> and then dilating it with scale factor 2, what are the coordinates of A” and B.

Are the polygons similar? If they are, write a similarity statement and give the scale factor. W U V T R Not drawn to scale. 22 33 10 15 29º. If they are, write a similarity statement and give the scale factor.

Are the polygons similar? If they are, write a similarity statement and give the scale factor. Then we verify that the sides are actually in proportion by using the lengths of the sides and write a statement describing similar triangles: If two triangles have three congruent angles, then they are similar and their sides will be in proportion.

For example, the scale of represents a fourth. Thus any measurement we see in the model would be 1/4 of the real measurement. If we wish to calculate the inverse, where we have a 20ft high wall and wish to reproduce it in the scale ofwe simply calculate.

Write a similarity statement and give the scale factor
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