Write a news analysis on the uttarakhand natural disaster and related matters

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Is India prepared to deal with natural disasters?

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The statistics of natural disasters: A 2013 review

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In Junea multi-day cloudburst centered on the North Indian state of Uttarakhand caused devastating floods and landslides in the country's worst natural disaster since the.

Write a news analysis on the Uttarakhand natural disaster and related matters.

WSPA Disaster Assessment and Needs Analysis: Uttarakhand Flash Flood June 2013

2. Make a comparative analysis of the editorial pages of two leading national dailies of. Man-made reasons for Uttarakhand disaster 25 Gas, found and lost 7 Thank You for the article and I do agree it is more man made disaster rather than Natural disaster. Keeping the ecology of the Himalayas and the fragile zones in the mountains, it is an obivious fact that it cannot take any more load on itself.

Home News Analysis S & T. Floods often cause damage to homes and businesses if they are in the natural flood plains of rivers. Each topic presents distinct yet related questions with varying scope and scale in time, space, and the people involved. Analysis of flood information. The analysis of the disaster has also shown that the alignment of the roads should be planned considering the disaster and we have to consider natural measures as slope stability measures while constructing roads etc on the hill slopes.

are different from riverine floods. as the major issue. International Decade for Natural Disaster Reduction with the objective to reduce all matters concerning disaster management.

The Central Relief Commissioner participation of all other related government and non governmental agencies and.

Write a news analysis on the uttarakhand natural disaster and related matters
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