Why did chinua achebe write anthills of the savannah

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Chinua Achebe Biography Essay Sample

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Chinua Achebe: A life in writing

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Chinua Achebe remains the most read African author in the world. His enormously successful first novel, Things Fall Apart, first published inhas sold millions of copies and has been.

Chinua Achebe Biography Essay Sample. Chinua Achebe was born in ; he is a Nigerian novelist and poet, and he is generally acknowledged as the father of the African novel.

Anthills of the Savannah Achebe has also written collections of short stories, poetry, and several books for youthful readers. We can write a custom essay. Chinua Achebe, in full Albert Chinualumogu Achebe, (born November 16,Ogidi, Nigeria—died March 21,Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.), Nigerian novelist acclaimed for his unsentimental depictions of the social and psychological disorientation accompanying the imposition of Western customs and values upon traditional African society.

May 22,  · Themes of Anthills of the Savannah In Anthills of the Savannah, Chinua Achebe writes about the problems facing newly independent African states. The prevailing theme and the most visible one of these problems is the corrupt, dictatorial rule set up in Kangan (Nigeria) and most of the other "new" African states that let down the dreams and hopes Views: 14K.

Chinua Achebe and the Importance of 'Writing Back' This essay discusses the importance of the African writer in today's world, focussing heavily on Nigerian author Chinua Achebe and his novel 'Anthills of the Savannah'. Chinua Achebe Biography - Albert Chinualumogo Achebe known as Chinua Achebe is one living African writer widely acclaimed for his work in English Literature.

Another achievement was his novel, Anthills of the Savannah, which got short listed for the Booker McConnell Prize in Write About Chinua Achebe. Custom Search Famous Authors.

Why did chinua achebe write anthills of the savannah
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