Were the greek dark ages really dark

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Dark Ages (historiography)

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Greek Dark Ages

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During ones research, one has discovered that this topic is still, like many archaeological topics, (Passionately Debated).

During the heavily religious Dark Ages, sex was strictly forbidden outside of marriage, and every single person of consenting age (a term that was very loosely defined back then) led a life that was a never-ending squelch through a pool of their own sexual repression.

The "Dark Ages" is a historical periodization traditionally referring to the Middle Ages, that asserts that a demographic, cultural, and economic deterioration occurred in Western Europe following the decline of the Roman Empire.

Not really. They first got called that by Renaissance writers who were looking back on the early Roman Empire as its glory days. The Dark Ages were “dark” to them because few records survived, unlike during the Roman Empire, when there were many historians and political commentators.

Why Are the Middle Ages Often Characterized as Dark or Less Civilized?

The Greek Dark Age, also called Greek Dark Ages, Homeric Age (named for the fabled poet, Homer) or Geometric period (so called after the characteristic Geometric art of the time), is the period of Greek history from the end of the Mycenaean palatial civilization around BC to the first signs of the Greek poleis, city states, in the 9th century BC.

The Dark Ages of Greece. STUDY. PLAY. Periods.

Top 10 Reasons The Dark Ages Were Not Dark

The old, middle and new stone ages were a period of transition in the civilisations of the Aegean. At the beginning of the Neolithic period there was a big change from a nomadic "hunter-gatherer" lifestyle to one of settled village life and agriculture.

This marks a turning point in Greek.

Were the greek dark ages really dark
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