The temple of heaven

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At the Temple of Heaven...

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Temple of Heaven & Hutong Layover Tour

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Temple of Heaven, Beijing

Sam took the opportunity to have a quick nap, and when we arrived we had to wake her up. Temple of Heaven, large religious complex in the old outer city of Beijing, considered the supreme achievement of traditional Chinese architecture.

Its layout symbolizes the. china 2 cents revenue "temple of heaven" on japan puppet govt. stock/bond. Temple of Heaven is a popular tourist site in Beijing, also a world famous heritage site.

Here is detailed travel guide about Temple of Heaven' s history, attraction, map, tips, etc. The Temple of Heaven is another breath taking sight in Beijing.

The architecture is amazing and the engraving and carving are fantastic. Visit the park beside the Temple and join in the fun with the video-accident.comon: Tiantan Road, Dongcheng District, Beijing , China. The Tiananmen, a gate in the wall of the Imperial City, was built in during the Ming dynasty.

In the 17th century, fighting between Li Zicheng’s rebel forces and the forces of the Manchu-led Qing dynasty caused heavy damage to, or even destroyed, the gate.

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Temple of Heaven and Lake Views