The role of the media in the success of an electoral campaign

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Electoral Commission of Zambia

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Barack Obama and the Facebook Election. Facebook was not unaware of its suddenly powerful role in American electoral politics.

During the presidential campaign, the site launched its own forum. have revealed mass media’s critical role in establishing trends in public opinion. Since the end of the s, mass media, especially TV, has wielded a crucial influence on politics in Japan.

According to Krauss and Nyblade (), this situation has led the Japanese public to “consume” politics. Thanks to campaign laws concerning the media, ad space has to be sold at the lowest available rate. Not only that, media outlets have very little control over what is said in a political advertisement, even if it is misleading or downright false.

A political campaign is an organized effort which seeks to influence the decision making process within a specific group. In democracies, political campaigns often refer to electoral campaigns, by which representatives are chosen or referendums are decided.

In modern politics, the most high-profile political campaigns are focused on general elections and candidates for head of state or head of government. Both traditional and new media can play a vital watchdog role, and serve as a campaign platform, a forum for public debate and as a public educator, ultimately strengthening democracy.

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Recognizing the evolving role of media in elections, the International Foundation for Electoral Systems (IFES) has increasingly employed new media in its. Feb 12,  · The role played by social media in political participation and electoral campaigns Posted by Members' Research Service ⋅ February 12, ⋅ 23 Comments Filed Under EP Elections, EP, European electionsEYE, internet, keysources, legal affairs, MEP, political campaign, political participation, social .

The role of the media in the success of an electoral campaign
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Role of The Media in the Electoral Process :: Electoral Commission of Zambia