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Selma Lagerlof () was a Swedish writer whose stories have been translated into many languages. A universal theme runs through all of them — a belief that the essential goodness in a human being can be awakened through understanding and love. Q From where did the peddler get the ideas of the world being a rattrap?

A The Peddler was a poor man who tried to make the two ends meet by selling the rattraps that he made himself from the material got by begging and petty thievery.

CHAPTER 4 – THE RATTRAP (Short Answer Type Questions)

His mind was always engaged in making rattraps. Selma Ottilia Lovisa Lagerlöf (Swedish: [²sɛlːma ²lɑːɡɛrˌløːv] (listen); 20 November – 16 March ) was a Swedish author and teacher.

She published her first novel, Gösta Berling's Saga.

Ch 4 The Rattrap (NCERT Solution)

A Change of Heart “The Rat Trap” written by Selma Lagerlof is a short narrative about an old demoralized mendicant and stealer who is taken in and shown generousness by a immature adult female.

her kindness changes his acrimonious attitude about life. Selma Lagerlof () was a Swedish writer whose stories have been translated into many languages. A universal theme runs through all 4 The Rattrap About the author.

The rattrap selma lagerlof
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