The importance of the proper pronunciation of a students name

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How We Pronounce Student Names, and Why it Matters

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My students struggle with overcoming English pronunciation. By using Spanish names in class, no one has to remember to switch back and forth between the sounds.

I agree in not giving Spanish names to students, their name is their own. They were given that name, whether is Jason, Jeison, John or Juan, it’s their name. it also helps. Many of his students were newcomer English-learners and he made it a priority to learn the proper pronunciation of each student's name on the first day of class.

"I was their first connection to a. Oct 21,  · The ultimate mobile English pronunciation aid, for both students AND teachers. Sounds: The Pronunciation App helps you study, practise and play with pronunciation wherever you are.

This free version includes Interactive Phonemic Charts for British English and American English. Tap to hear a sound, or tap and hold to hear the sound and an example word/5(K).

Hanyu pinyin spells the sound and includes tone marks to help give you the proper pronunciation. Knowledge of the written language opens up the culture of one of the world’s oldest civilizations. Before China’s reform in the s, China was an isolated country that didn’t accept any tourism.

One challenge that continuously comes up for students is making pronunciation mistakes on French words that are the same (or almost the same) in English. This includes words such as “importance”, “opportunité”, “information” and many more.

Educating learners about the importance of proper pronunciation should be done by focussing on various aspects of pronunciation. Some materials used by teachers to educate students in English include tasks or exercises which elaborate on producing different sounds in a way so that words are recognized by just one phoneme, e.g.

hit and hot.

Teaching pronunciation with phonemic symbols The importance of the proper pronunciation of a students name
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