The importance of the issues related to turtle excluder devices

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Marine conservation

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Saving Marine Biodiversity

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New technology, such as the use of turtle excluder devices (TEDs) in bottom trawls and smaller mesh size in pound-net leaders, can reduce turtle deaths. Fishery closures can be effective, as demonstrated in the case of the sturgeon fishery off the Carolinas and as evidenced by the maintenance of sea turtle nesting rookeries in the south.

Texas Sea Grant project helps shrimp fishery save sea turtles and gain access to new retail markets

Fishery Bulletins The NOAA Fisheries Service, Southeast Regional Office issues public announcements, Southeast Fishery Bulletins, or News Releases on. Marine conservation is a relatively new discipline which has developed as a response to biological issues such as extinction and Examples of technologies include marine protected areas (MPAs), turtle excluder devices International laws and treaties related to marine conservation include the Convention on Fishing and.

Additionally, Turtle Excluder Devices (TEDs) are commonly used, allowing turtles to escape from nets. RELATED: sea turtles hatch at Assateague, head out to sea Another threat to loggerheads. We advocate for the use of special turtle excluder devices in nets. WWF runs an international competition, known as Smart Gear, to attract creative new ways to solve bycatch problems and to advance the best of those ideas.

Turtle excluder devices reduce bycatch in shrimp fisheries, and various procedures used by fishing boats can prevent dolphin deaths in tuna fishing. Ecological disasters such as bycatch are allowed to occur in part because traditional economic theory disregards such impacts.

The importance of the issues related to turtle excluder devices
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