The connection between religion and the educational system of the united states

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First Amendment and Religion

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Religion in Schools in the United States

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Researchers have long studied and documented the influence religion has on social groups; however, few have examined the role it plays in education. A new research article examines the relationship between religion and educational attainment in the United States.

Recognizing the direct connection between religious illiteracy and religious intolerance, one can hope that a reconceptualization of the role of religion and public schools, one that takes religion, education, democracy, and pluralism seriously is near.

In the United States, the gradient in health outcomes by educational attainment has steepened over the last four decades 7,8 in all regions of the United States, 9 producing a larger gap in health status between Americans with high and low education.

The study also concludes that, in the United States and other developed nations, "education raises religious attendance at individual level," while "at the same time, there is a strong negative connection between attendance and education across religious groups within the U.S.

and elsewhere.". What is the Relation Between Religion and Education? Article shared by. Religion and Education are closely associated with each other both are of spiritual tendencies. Spiritual, material or physical urge are dealt with by religion as well as by the education.

The connection between religion and the educational system of the united states
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