The ancient greek justice system described in aeschylus tragedy oresteia

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The Oresteia (Ancient Greek: ὀρέστεια) is a trilogy of Greek tragedies written by Aeschylus concerning the murder of Agamemnon by Clytaemnestra, the murder of Clytaemnestra by Orestes, the trial of Orestes, the end of the curse on the House of Atreus and pacification of the Erinyes.

Greek literature

Robinson, Arthur L., "Ancient Greeks Today: Modern Adaptations of the Orestes Myth" ().Theater Summer Fellows. a Greek tragedy often retold. This Aeschylus Oresteia Trilogy Since it is the first known written version.

The Oresteia Trilogy: Agamemnon, The Libation-Bearers and The Furies [Aeschylus, E.D.A. Morshead] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Perhaps the greatest of the Greek tragedians, Aeschylus wrote 90 plays, but only seven have survived complete.

Among them is this classic trilogy dealing with the bloody history of the House of Agamemnon. Greek tragedy was a popular and influential form of drama performed in theatres across ancient Greece from the late 6th century BCE.

The most famous playwrights of the genre were Aeschylus, Sophocles, and Euripides and many of their works were still performed centuries after their initial premiere. Aeschylus was born in c. BC in Eleusis, a small town about 27 kilometers northwest of Athens, which is nestled in the fertile valleys of western Attica, though the date is most likely based on counting back forty years from his first victory in the Great Dionysia.

His family was wealthy and well established; his father, Euphorion, was a member of the Eupatridae, the ancient nobility of.

The ancient greek justice system described in aeschylus tragedy oresteia
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