Kukri the knife of nepal

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A brief history of the Gurkha’s knife – the kukri

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The kukri is explainable mainly for chopping but it can also be selected to stab. A well-made khukuri is able for all of this. The rising handle attachment in Nepal is the very tangalthough the more critical versions have the stick tang which has become clearer.

KUKRI KNIFE: The Khukuri(gurkha knife), a semi-curve metal knife, is synonymous with the valor of legendary Gurkha soldiers. Though Khukuri is national knife of Nepal, it has not famed only within Nepal or Gurkhas but it has gained popularity in the world, as it is one of the most practical, convenient and peculiar knives.

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Paid memberships don't see ads! Hi folks, Looking to add a kukri to my collection.

Welcome to Gurkhas Kukri

Wondering if anyone out there has some advice on what to buy or avoid.

Kukri the knife of nepal
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A brief history of the Gurkha's knife – the kukri | Asia Times