Cahier of the third estate of dourdan

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Cahiers de doléances

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Cahiers de doléances

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Cahier of the Third Estate of Dourdan

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Cahier of the Third Estate of Dourdan

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Humble Estate cahiers were compilations rather than having documents. One such cahier, submitted in March by the Third Estate in Saint-Vaast, listed four main concerns, three of which were political or legal: The abolition of lettres de cachet.

The cahier called for an end to arbitrary detention and punishments, to be replaced by due process in arrests, trials and imprisonment.

Cahiers of the First Estate The Cahiers of the First Estate reflected the interests of the parish clergy. They called for an end to bishops holding more than one diocese, and demanded those who were not noble be able to become bishops.

The cahiers of the Third Estate spoke out mainly against the financial privileges held by the two other Estates. They were both exempt from most taxes such as the church tithe and the taille (the main direct tax). The Cahier de Doléances () When the deputies or representatives of the three estates came to the royal palace inthey brought with them their list of grievances, or cahiers de doléances, which were to be presented to Louis XVI.

A Third Estate cahier from Congénies in southern France The cahiers de doléance (French for ‘ledger of complaints’) were books or ledgers containing public grievances and suggestions.

They were drafted and compiled in the first months of then submitted to the Estates General. Cahier de Doleances of the Third Estate of Dourdan 29 March After summoning the Estates General, the king charged each estate with the task of.

Cahier of the third estate of dourdan
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