An overview of the tiger sharks in tropical waters and temperatures

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Tiger sharks Galeocerdo cuvier travel between oceanic islands and coastal waters (Fitzpatrick et al., ), and juveniles have been sighted at depths of up to m in the Coral Sea around aggregations of Eteline snappers (Lindsay et al., ). Shark Tagging Learning Activity: Shark Distribution and Water Temperature.

There are two important ways that temperature can determine where sharks live and where they migrate. When the water is colder, from January to March, the hammerhead sharks come to shallower waters and can be seen en masse.

This is also the time for the sand. Some sharks prefer warm temperatures and will spend much of their time in tropical waters.

Other sharks, such as the great white shark and the shortfin mako shark have a higher metabolic rate, which allows them to generate their own heat. The Coral Sea (French: Mer de Corail) is a marginal sea of the South Pacific off the northeast coast of Australia, and classified as an interim Australian Coral Sea extends 2, kilometres (1, mi) down the Australian northeast coast.

It is bounded in the west by the east coast of Queensland, thereby including the Great Barrier Reef, in the east by Vanuatu (formerly the New. Tiger sharks that are found off the Middle Atlantic States in summer may commonly overwinter off the Carolinas depending on wat,er temperatures and the abundapce of The overall range of the' tiger shark during the winter extends over nearly all tropical and subĀ­ tropical waters and it will require additional recapture information to.

New Jersey Scuba Diving An overview of the tiger sharks in tropical waters and temperatures
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