An overview of the structure of the federal supreme court of switzerland

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Politics of Switzerland

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The Structure of the Court System.

Supreme court

2. The Timeline of a Case: Pleadings and Briefs. A. Starting the Case (Pretrial) All 50 states and the federal courts have some version of a Supreme Court. The Supreme Court decides issues in the same manner as the Appellate Court. However, there is no court higher than the Supreme Court to which to appeal.

Much like the U.S. Supreme Court, the Swiss Federal Supreme Court in Lausanne is primarily a court of last resort, but, unlike in the United States, there are – at least at the moment – no lower federal courts.

The Swiss Federal Judiciary is composed by the Swiss Federal Tribunal (Supreme Court of Switzerland), the Swiss Federal Criminal Court, and the Swiss Federal Administrative Court.

The Swiss Federal Tribunal – who generally sits as either 3 or 5 judges, depending on the matter being heard – acts as an appellate court, reviewing cases which. In summary, beforethe U.S. Supreme Court was available for only high-profile cases. There are three main levels of federal court system.

Each level of court serves a different legal. The federal judiciary of Switzerland consists of the Federal Supreme Court, the Federal Criminal Court, the Federal Patent Court and the Federal Administrative Court. These courts are charged with the application of Swiss federal law through the judicial process.

Finally, the U.S. Supreme Court deals with cases that move up from a lower federal court and involve a violation of constitutional law. However, this court considers a limited number of cases.

An overview of the structure of the federal supreme court of switzerland
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