An examination of the nurse education expansion and development need act

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An examination of the nurse education expansion and development need act

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5 Ways the Affordable Care Act Could Change Nursing

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Education Law

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At the same time, nursing education needs to be transformed in a number of ways to prepare nursing graduates to work collaboratively and effectively with other health professionals in a complex and evolving health care system in a variety of settings (see Chapter 3). Entry-level nurses, for example, need to be able to transition smoothly.

The Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) has the potential to play a large and important role in assuring the delivery of high-quality health services to the citizens of the United States, but has often struggled with attaining recognition, reimbursement, and regard. Feb 26, S.

Nurse Education, Expansion, and Development (NEED) Act

(th). A bill to amend the Public Health Service Act to authorize capitation grants to increase the number of nursing faculty and students, and for other purposes. In, a database of bills in the U.S. Congress.

At Duke, she has presided over the approval and initiation of the PhD degree program in nursing and the Doctor of Nursing Practice degree program, the construction of a new 59,square-foot building and the development of the School of Nursing’s strategic plan.

Establishing requirements for initial licensure and retaining: basic education, continuing education and/or competency Interpreting scope of practice parameters, defined by state statute (nurse practice act).

For the most part, you need a Master of Science in Nursing, or MSN, to become an advanced practice nurse. Depending on the exact nature of the work you wish to do, you may even choose to earn a doctoral degree, which those who wish to become Clinical Nurse Specialists often do.

An examination of the nurse education expansion and development need act
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