An analysis of the four great ages through art the old stone age the new stone age the bronze age an

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Three-age system

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Stone Age Art

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The Stone, Bronze, and Iron Ages

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Compact-states, kings and citadels followed them. The three-age system is the categorization of history into time periods divisible by three; for example, the Stone Age, Bronze Age, and Iron Age, although it also refers to other tripartite divisions of.

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Old Stone Age, the earliest period of human development and the longest phase of mankind’s history.

Bronze Age

It is approximately coextensive with the Pleistocene geologic epoch, beginning about 2 million years ago and ending in various places between 40, and 10, years ago, when it was succeeded by the Mesolithic period. In Julyscientists reported the discovery in China of the oldest stone tools outside Africa, estimated at million years old.

End of the Stone Age. Innovation of the technique of smelting ore ended the Stone Age and began the Bronze Age.

The Stone Age Teacher Resources. We name eras of human development such as the Stone Age, Copper Age, Bronze Age, and Iron Age after rocks and minerals, proving how important these are to daily life. students describe physical traits and achievements of 5 hominid species and compare the Old Stone Age to the New Stone Age.

In addition. The stone age is divided into three periods which are Paleolithic which means the old Greek age, Mesolithic and Neolithic which is the new Greek age.

Three-age system

The Paleolithic and Neolithic stone ages have many great differences and has changed greatly between the two periods.

An analysis of the four great ages through art the old stone age the new stone age the bronze age an
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