A look at the period of reconstruction after the end of the american civil war


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Reconstruction and Its Aftermath

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Civil War and Reconstruction, 1861-1877

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By the end of the Civil War, the South was in a state of political upheaval, social disorder, and economic decay. The Union’s tactics of total war destroyed southern crops, plantations, and entire cities, and hundreds of thousands of emancipated slaves rushed to Union lines as their masters fled the oncoming Union army.

Reconstruction After the war, the federal government pursued a program of political, social, and economic restructuring across the South-including an attempt.

After the Civil War had been fought and black people were granted the right to vote as true citizens of the United States, there were many people in the South who still believed that the black people should not have the same type of equality as white people.

_____ "Reconstruction," in Encyclopedia of African American Culture and History. v New York: Macmillan Library Reference USA, Scope. This selective bibliography provides a listing of books, journal articles, videos, and magazine articles about the reconstruction era from U.S.

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A look at the period of reconstruction after the end of the american civil war
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