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explain how the range of early years settings reflects the scope and purpose of the sector 2 Understand current policies and influences on the early years sector. Diploma in Children’s Learning and Development (Early Years Educator) (QCF) Evaluate theories and models of child development 1 Explain how to apply theories and models of child development to support children’s development 1 Explain early intervention criteria 1 Explain how multi-agency teams work together to support.

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Topic 1 Cell biology (revision notes summary for AQA GCSE Combined Science Trilogy: Biology Paper 1, Topic 1 "Cell biology") Know that cells are the basic unit of all forms of life and you should know how structural differences between types of cells enables them to.

Topic Cell structure (AQA GCSE Biology Paper 1).

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Eukaryotes and prokaryotes (Revision notes for AQA GCSE Biology, Paper 1, Topic 1 "Cell Biology"). Know that plant and animal cells (eukaryotic cells) have a cell membrane, cytoplasm and genetic material enclosed in a nucleus.

Abiogenesis 1 1 1 1 explain the range of early
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